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g3data : A program for grabbing data from scanned graphs
Copyright (C) 2000 Jonas Frantz
    This file is part of g3data.
    g3data is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.
    g3data is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.
    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
Authors email : jonas.frantz@helsinki.fi

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "main.h"

/* Extern functions */

extern      void  Order(struct PointValue *RealPos, gint left, gint right, gint ordering);

/* Extern variables */

extern      gint        axiscoords[4][2];
extern      gint        **points;
extern      gint        numpoints;
extern      gint        ordering;
extern      gdouble           realcoords[4];
extern      gboolean    UseErrors;
extern      gboolean    logxy[2];
extern      gint        Action;
extern  gchar           *file_name;

/* This function sets the numpoints entry to numpoints variable   */
/* value.                                       */
void SetNumPointsEntry(GtkWidget *np_entry, gint np)
  char buf[128];


/* This function returns the integer with the lesser value. */
gint min(gint x, gint y)
    if (x < y) return x;
    else return y;

/* This function calculates the true value of the point based     */
/* on the coordinates of the point on the bitmap.           */
struct PointValue CalcPointValue(gint Xpos, gint Ypos)
  double alpha,beta,x21,x43,y21,y43,rlc[4];                       /* Declare help variables */
  struct PointValue PV;

    x21=(double) axiscoords[1][0]-axiscoords[0][0];               /* Calculate deltax of x axis points */
    y21=(double) axiscoords[1][1]-axiscoords[0][1];               /* Calculate deltay of x axis points */
    x43=(double) axiscoords[3][0]-axiscoords[2][0];               /* Calculate deltax of y axis points */
    y43=(double) axiscoords[3][1]-axiscoords[2][1];               /* Calculate deltay of y axis points */

    if (logxy[0]) {                                         /* If x axis is logarithmic, store  */
      rlc[0]=log(realcoords[0]);                            /* recalculated values in rlc.            */ 
    else {
      rlc[0]=realcoords[0];                                 /* Else store old values in rlc.    */

    if (logxy[1]) {
      rlc[2]=log(realcoords[2]);                            /* If y axis is logarithmic, store      */
      rlc[3]=log(realcoords[3]);                            /* recalculated values in rlc.          */
    else {
      rlc[2]=realcoords[2];                                 /* Else store old values in rlc.        */

      alpha=((axiscoords[0][0]-(double) Xpos)
              -(axiscoords[0][1]-(double)  Ypos)*(x43/y43))/(x21-((y21*x43)/y43));
        beta=((axiscoords[2][1]-(double) Ypos)
              -(axiscoords[2][0]-(double) Xpos)*(y21/x21))/(y43-((x43*y21)/x21));

      if (logxy[0]) PV.Xv = exp(-alpha*(rlc[1]-rlc[0])+rlc[0]);
      else PV.Xv = -alpha*(rlc[1]-rlc[0])+rlc[0];

      if (logxy[1]) PV.Yv = exp(-beta*(rlc[3]-rlc[2])+rlc[2]);
      else PV.Yv = -beta*(rlc[3]-rlc[2])+rlc[2];

      alpha=((axiscoords[0][0]-(double) (Xpos+1))
              -(axiscoords[0][1]-(double) (Ypos+1))*(x43/y43))/(x21-((y21*x43)/y43));
        beta=((axiscoords[2][1]-(double) (Ypos+1))
              -(axiscoords[2][0]-(double) (Xpos+1))*(y21/x21))/(y43-((x43*y21)/x21));

      if (logxy[0]) PV.Xerr = exp(-alpha*(rlc[1]-rlc[0])+rlc[0]);
      else PV.Xerr = -alpha*(rlc[1]-rlc[0])+rlc[0];

      if (logxy[1]) PV.Yerr = exp(-beta*(rlc[3]-rlc[2])+rlc[2]);
      else PV.Yerr = -beta*(rlc[3]-rlc[2])+rlc[2];

      alpha=((axiscoords[0][0]-(double) (Xpos-1))
              -(axiscoords[0][1]-(double) (Ypos-1))*(x43/y43))/(x21-((y21*x43)/y43));
        beta=((axiscoords[2][1]-(double) (Ypos-1))
              -(axiscoords[2][0]-(double) (Xpos-1))*(y21/x21))/(y43-((x43*y21)/x21));

      if (logxy[0]) PV.Xerr -= exp(-alpha*(rlc[1]-rlc[0])+rlc[0]);
      else PV.Xerr -= -alpha*(rlc[1]-rlc[0])+rlc[0];

      if (logxy[1]) PV.Yerr -= exp(-beta*(rlc[3]-rlc[2])+rlc[2]);
      else PV.Yerr -= -beta*(rlc[3]-rlc[2])+rlc[2];

      PV.Xerr = fabs(PV.Xerr/4.0);
      PV.Yerr = fabs(PV.Yerr/4.0);

    return PV;

/* This function is called when the "Print results" button is     */
/* pressed, it calculate the values of the datapoints and   */
/* prints them through stdout.                              */
void print_results(GtkWidget *widget, gpointer func_data) 
  gint i;                                             /* Declare index variable */
  gboolean print2file;

  struct PointValue *RealPos, CalcVal;

    print2file = Action;

    if (print2file == PRINT2FILE) {
      FP = fopen(file_name,"w");                            /* Open file for writing */
      if (FP==NULL) {
          printf("Could not open %s for writing\n",file_name);    /* If unable to open print error */

    RealPos = (struct PointValue *) malloc(sizeof(struct PointValue) * numpoints);

/* Next up is recalculating the positions of the points by solving a 2*2 matrix */

    for (i=0;i<numpoints;i++) {
        CalcVal = CalcPointValue(points[i][0], points[i][1]);
      RealPos[i].Xv = CalcVal.Xv;
      RealPos[i].Yv = CalcVal.Yv;
      RealPos[i].Xerr = CalcVal.Xerr;
      RealPos[i].Yerr = CalcVal.Yerr;

    if (ordering != 0) {
      Order(RealPos, 0, numpoints-1, ordering);

/* Print results to stdout or file */

    for (i=0;i<numpoints;i++) {
      if (print2file) {
          fprintf(FP,"%.12g  %.12g", RealPos[i].Xv, RealPos[i].Yv);
          if (UseErrors) {
            fprintf(FP,"\t%.12g  %.12g\n", RealPos[i].Xerr, RealPos[i].Yerr);
          } else fprintf(FP,"\n");
      else {
          printf("%.12g  %.12g",RealPos[i].Xv, RealPos[i].Yv);
          if (UseErrors) {
            printf("\t%.12g  %.12g\n", RealPos[i].Xerr, RealPos[i].Yerr);
          } else printf("\n");

    if (print2file == PRINT2FILE) fclose(FP);

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